Stefano Faita cooks up a storm at Moisson Montréal

On November 18, we had the pleasure of welcoming Stefano Faita and his colleague Michele Forgione at Moisson Montreal. Wanting to learn and become more involved in the issue of food security in Montreal, the 2 Chefs visited our establishment and prepared a three course meal based on foods that are found in our warehouse and distributed to our partner organizations. Short video clips were made and will be released shortly. In the meantime, to view one of the clips produced as part of La Grande guignolée des médias, for which Mr. Faita is a spokesperson, click here!

Stefano Faita is co-owner and chef of the restaurant Impasto and host of the television show “In the kitchen” on the CBC network.

Michele Forgione is co-owner and chef of the restaurant Impasto.
Thank you to these two great Chefs for their involvement and stay tuned!