Our heart is in our work

Moisson Montréal employees shine through their commitment and dedication to the cause and to the service of accredited organizations. Their hard work and ingenuity turn every dollar donated into more than $15 worth of food for organizations.


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Why work at Moisson Montréal ?

Working at Moisson Montréal means contributing to make a difference in people’s lives. We supply more than 300 community organizations on a regular basis by fulfilling more than 714,000 food aid requests each month.

Working at Moisson Montreal means being eligible for a competitive salary, an annual bonus and a range of benefits: group insurance, group RRSPs, personal leave, etc.

Working at Moisson Montréal means enjoying a year-round summer schedule and Friday afternoons off.

Working at Moisson Montreal means working in a warm and flexible environment. Teleworking possible for certain positions.

Working at Moisson Montréal also means enjoying delicious meals and snacks concocted by our chef Aziz at a symbolic price.




“Moisson Montréal contributes to my growth and personal development. Helping others has brought me happiness in my own life”

Alain Lac Wing Hoy
employed for 9 years,
distribution coordinator

“The fact that Moisson Montréal recovers food that would otherwise have been lost touches me. I am happy to be able to contribute not only to the reduction of food insecurity, but also to the reduction of food waste”

Woly Faye
employed for 2 years,
community engagement coordinator

“The cause and an exceptionally united team make this work very satisfying on a daily basis. You really feel useful in society”

Jean-François Dubé
employed for 2 years,
digital communications coordinator

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