Charter of Sustainable Development.

This Charter of Sustainable development testifies to the commitment of Moisson Montréal’s management, employees, and volunteers to integrate the principles of sustainable development in all of the organization’s spheres of activity (from strategic decision-making to day-to-day operations), in strict compliance with the laws and regulations in effect.



INSPIRE – A key influencer in the Montreal ecosystem

Moisson Montréal is recognized for its commitment to sustainable development which is expressed daily in its business practices. Its operational model based on food recovery makes it an undisputed leader in its sector of activity where its environmental and immense social impact benefit the most vulnerable.

ACT- An agent at the forefront of innovation

Moisson Montréal’s operating model based on sustainable development is at the heart of its impact strategy while its use of volunteers anchors the organization in the community. Partnerships with more than 300 community agencies have produced a vast network of social solidarity.

SIMPLIFY – Simplify and improve the lives of clients and partners

By amassing food for all our community agencies, Moisson Montréal greatly simplifies things for them as well as for our food donors. The relevance and logistical performance of this pooling of food collection services have a financial and environmental impact on all of the community agencies. The quality and diversity of the food distributed are at the heart of the desire to promote healthy and responsible eating.

SUPPORT – An Engaging Work Environment

Moisson Montréal is characterized by an open corporate culture that fosters fun, the desire to contribute to a better world, and going beyond one’s limits. The partnership of employees, regular volunteers, and those in the process of social reintegration creates a very rich and stimulating work milieu. The broad multi-ethnicity of employees and the commitment to a work-family balance represent the organization’s desire to provide a rewarding and engaging work environment.


To ensure an optimal food supply to community organizations serving people in need on the Island of Montreal while participating in the development of sustainable solutions to promote food security.


To maintain and sustain a culture of continuous improvement for the benefit of Montreal’s emergency food ecosystem while participating in the development of sustainable solutions. To make continuous progress through attainable, quantifiable, and measurable objectives.


Respect : Respect for who we are, the people we help, our fellow workers, volunteers, and partners. Respect, also, for our work and external environments;

Commitment: Daily commitment expressed by all of us in the fight against hunger. At the service of our organizations and for the benefit of all Montrealers struggling with hunger;

Fairness: Fairness in the decisions made for all partners and in the sharing of food, but also between us, employees and volunteers;

Integrity: Integrity in all our actions, acting in accordance with the principles of honesty and transparency;

Mutual support: Caring and selflessness shared mutually to fulfill Moisson Montréal’s mission.



Our actions will be inspired by the following strategic directions that will guide us towards the implementation of our Vision of Sustainable Development.

  • STRATEGIC DIRECTION 1: Improve the quantity, quality, and variety of our food supply
  • STRATEGIC DIRECTION 2: Sustain our financial security
  • STRATEGIC DIRECTION 3: Maximize the social impact of each dollar entrusted to us
  • STRATEGIC DIRECTION 5: Enhance the Moisson experience for all our stakeholders
  • STRATEGIC DIRECTION 6: Integrate the principles of sustainable development into our operations


This charter applies to all employees and subcontractors of the organization. Moisson Montréal also encourages its suppliers, clients and strategic partners to adopt environmentally responsible practices that integrate the principles of sustainable development.


The adoption of this charter is effective as of December 15, 2021.

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