Organize a fundraiser event.

Thank you for wanting to get involved with Moisson Montréal!

Moisson Montréal relies on hundreds of campaign and event partners who mobilize year after year for the cause by giving generously and by soliciting their communities.

How to get involved?

There are many ways to partner with Moisson Montréal on fundraising projects: you can propose your ideas, we can present you with different options, or we can guide you in your projects. Consult our guide here.

Before proceeding, be sure to contact the Moisson Montréal team to obtain approval of your fundraising event. All events and use of the Moisson Montréal logo must be approved in writing by the Moisson Montréal team.

Please contact don@moissonmontreal.org with your proposal and an outline of the project including the targeted dates.

Contact person:

Marion Barbier
Community Engagement Coordinator
514-344-4494 ext.253

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