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Thank you very much for your commitment to Moisson Montréal!


Why donate ?  

Thanks to an operating model based on food recovery and the immense generosity of volunteers, Moisson Montréal benefits from an extraordinary leverage effect: for every dollar received we distribute $15 worth of food to community organizations on the Island of Montreal! 

A few facts and figures about Moisson Montréal :   

  • 303 community organizations serviced regularly 

  • Nearly 900,000 requests for food assistance fulfilled monthly 

  • More than 18 million kg of food distributed in 2022-2023 

Every donation makes a huge difference! Join this generous community and help us fight food insecurity. 

How to get involved?

There are many ways to financially support Moisson Montréal. You can propose your ideas and we can suggest the most popular options. To learn more about possible activities, consult the FAQ section below.  

Before starting your fundraiser, be sure to contact us to get our consent. Public use of our logo is not permitted. All initiatives and use of the Moisson Montréal logo must be approved in writing by the Moisson Montréal team.


Write to Marion Barbier at with the outline of your project and the suggested dates. Our team will be happy to review your proposal and get back to you within three to four business days.


Organizing a fundraiser within a company

Interested in organizing a fundraiser that will encourage your colleagues or employees to donate to Moisson Montréal? We thank you and we are here to help you! 

Your fundraiser can be conducted by your team and may or may not be accompanied by a corporate donation. We can create a personalized online donation form with your company’s logo and colors. All you would then have to do is advise your team and you would be able to follow the progress of the campaign in real time! 



Any individual or company committed to supporting Moisson Montréal can organize an event or campaign.

You can fundraise by simply emailing your contacts. However, if you wish to organize a special event, there are many possibilities! From athletic challenges (marathons, yogathons, zumbathons, friendly get-togethers, etc.) to artistic activities (craft fairs, concerts, workshops, etc.), do not hesitate to suggest your ideas!

The Moisson Montréal team can guide you and answer all your questions throughout the preparation and holding of the event. The organization of the event, however, remains your sole responsibility. We are not in a position to manage the event or send any personnel on site.

It is possible to use Moisson Montréal's logo to promote a fundraising campaign for internal communications within your company. Public use of the logo is not permitted. All material containing the Moisson Montréal logo must be approved in writing by us.

All donations must be transferred to Moisson Montréal within 30 days following the event, by cheque or bank transfer.

Moisson Montréal is very transparent about how donations are used. 92% of the funds received are used to distribute food to community agencies. The remaining funds are used for operations and services to organizations (4%), philanthropic development (1%), administration (1%), and external donations (2%).

Moisson Montréal issues tax receipts for donations of $20 or more. However, certain activities may not be eligible. Before publicizing your event, it is important to wait for our confirmation if tax receipts can be issued.

Just send your questions to and our team will be happy to answer you!

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