Moisson Montréal is a registered charitable organisation. We gather food donations and basic products all year long, and distribute them free of charge to community organizations on the Island of Montreal. With your support, we have become the largest food bank in Canada distributing foodstuffs.

Moisson Montréal is a member of Food Banks Canada and Food Banks of Quebec. As members of these associations, we benefit from provincial and national agreements with agri-food suppliers regarding our supply.

As a charitable organization, we receive the majority of the food and basic products through donations. However, cash donations are vital to managing our food bank and the 11,000 m² warehouse where 14.5 million kilograms of food of all kinds pass through annually.

Considering the size of our facilities, we also assume the role of managing the redistribution of national and provincial donations which are assigned to the 19 other “Moisson” food banks in Quebec. From 2008 to 2011, Moisson Montreal was the pilot project of the first major renovation venture ever undertaken by the Coalition énergie et construction durable (CECD) for the account of an NPO. Thanks to the generosity and commitment of dozens of professionals and suppliers, Moisson Montreal now has facilities that are comfortable, well-appointed and optimal on the plan of energy efficiency.

In numbers, Moisson Montréal:

  • Serves 257 community organizations on a regular basis on the Island of Montreal;
  • 640,951 requests for food assistance per month;
  • 507,357 meals and snacks served;
  • 133,594 uses of Food Pantry Programs;
  • 74,369 total individuals benefit from Food Pantry Programs, 35.8% of those are children;
  • Distributes 15,6 million kilos of foodstuffs and other basic products worth close to $86 M;
  • Works closely with more than 300 agri-food businesses to effectively collect their donations;
  • Welcomes 11,012 volunteers that put in more than 97,352 hours to help us continue our mission.

For a detailed report on the use of emergency food aid through our regularly and occasionally supplied organizations of Moisson Montréal, please refer to The Hunger Count.

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