Winning collaboration for Moisson Montreal and SAFEC

Moisson Montreal is always looking for sponsorship and new funding sources to ensure the continuity of our mission. In this context, SAFEC leverages its skills and expertise to help us raise funds for our organization.

With the help of SAFEC, Moisson Montreal has all the information on financial and non-financial aid programs corresponding precisely to our needs. The SAFEC web tool choses 480 programs related to our mission from over 2,200 available programs in its database and deliver clear, relevant and current information. Indeed, technological monitoring tools developed by SAFEC allow us to be informed in near real-time changes to support programs that concern us.

This information, along with a personalized support service offered by SAFEC, will develop our ability to raise funds, and this up to several hundred thousand dollars a year.

We could say that SAFEC is the GPS to guide us to the aid programs we need.