The 2013 Harvester

Each year, Moisson Montreal recognizes the positive attitude of an employee who lives the organizations values ??every day, namely: respect, integrity, fair treatment, solidarity and personal commitment. In 2013, the annual award The Harvester was given to Mrs. Danny Janson, Procurement Secretary.

Here is a short interview with The 2013 Harvester:

How long have you been working at Moisson Montreal?
In March 2014, it will be nine years since I started serving as Procurement Secretary.

What do you like most about your experience at Moisson Montreal?
What I like most about the mission of Moisson Montreal is that there is humanity in our actions. We welcome and help individuals in need with impartiality, regardless of age, social status, nationality or religion.

Although sometimes it is “arduous” in the procurement department, particularly during the holiday season, I double rigor, thinking of all the families who will receive a provision basket, not only today, but throughout the year.

Congratulations to Mrs. Danny Janson and on behalf of the entire team at Moisson Montreal we thank her for her great work!