Moisson Montréal launches its “Hungry for Vacation” fundraising campaign (Press Release)

Because vacations are meant for having fun, give a summer without hunger.

Montréal, July 15, 2021 – Because hunger does not take a vacation and the need for food assistance is substantial during the summer period, Moisson Montréal is inviting individuals and businesses to give generously in support of school-age children. The “Hungry for Vacation” campaign aims to raise $60,000 and will run until August 5. It will help support the dozens of organizations and food banks on the Island of Montreal that are short of food.

Due to the summer break, many children normally supported by the school system no longer receive assistance. “Milk cartons, free or low cost school lunches, meals and snacks are suspended during the summer therefore putting a greater demand on the agencies we serve. The pandemic has also increased the distress of some families. If we manage to provide our children with enough food, it will make a huge difference in their well-being during this well-deserved rest period,” said Richard D. Daneau, Executive Director of Moisson Montréal.

All components of the campaign will express the same theme: “Because vacations are meant for having fun, give a summer without hunger.” During the three weeks of the campaign, testimonials and stories will be shared on social media.

Why choose Moisson Montréal:

· More than 17,000 school-age children are helped by food assistance.

· Thanks to our multiplier effect, each dollar received allows us to distribute $15 in food.

Therefore, reaching our goal of $60,000 means distributing the equivalent of $900,000 in food.

· Moisson Montréal is the largest food bank in Canada and serves 288 organizations.

· Donating to Moisson Montréal means not only reducing food insecurity, but also fighting against waste, thanks to our food recovery model.


How to make a difference:

Give generously at

Share our stories and testimonials on your social media.

Thank you to our donors and partners:

Moisson Montréal thanks all the donors of the Hungry for Vacation campaign, in particular the Canada Post Community Foundation and Prével.

Thanks to your contribution, the nutritional needs of young children aged 6 to 17 will be met this summer.

Because vacations are meant for having fun, give a summer without hunger!


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Éliane Larouche

Manager, Communications and Marketing
Moisson Montréal

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