Three Ways of giving to Moisson Montréal

Giving feels good! Did you know that giving stimulates the areas of the brain involved in the sensation of pleasure? All the more reason to give! Here are three ways to contribute to Moisson Montréal:

1. Become a volunteer

Moisson Montréal’s volunteers play a major role and without them, fulfilling our work would be challenging. In 2020-21, we were able to count on more than 3,422 volunteers who contributed more than 64,039 hours of volunteer work, the equivalent of 35 full-time positions!

We have modified the layout of our work stations to ensure strict compliance with public health requirements.

Come and volunteer on your own, with friends, or with colleagues by emailing us at béné

Still not convinced? See our post, 5 raisons de faire du bénévolat à Moisson Montréal (in French).


2. Make a financial donation

One-time gift:

No matter how much you give, it will make a big difference! Thanks to our operating model which relies on food recovery rather than purchases as well as the exceptional generosity of our donors in terms of food and time, we benefit from an extraordinary multiplier effect: every dollar donated enables us to redistribute more than $15 worth of food.

Monthly gift:

This is one of the best ways of giving to Moisson Montréal. It is simple and allows you to spread your contribution over the entire year. Your monthly donation also enables Moisson Montréal to have a stable and predictable source of income to help plan for the long term.

To make a donation click here


3. Donate food

Finally, why not collect food donations to help families in need?

When you organize a food drive with friends or colleagues for Moisson Montréal, you are:

  • Making a difference for Moisson Montréal, while having fun;
  • Taking concrete action to ensure a food supply for Montrealers in need;
  • Collecting food that will be redistributed to our community organizations.


Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most sought-after products: