Hungry for Vacation.


While thousands of Quebecers are on vacation and taking advantage of a well-deserved rest, Moisson Montréal reminds us that not everyone can do so and that hunger does not take a vacation. The “Hungry for Vacation” campaign aims to raise $60,000 to support the dozens of organizations and food banks on the Island of Montreal that help school-aged children.




2022 objective:

60 000$

Will allow Moisson Montréal to distribute more than $900,000 in food


Thanks to your support, allow us to meet their needs!

Because hunger does not take a vacation and the needs are great during the summer period, give generously for the cause of school-aged children. Due to the summer break, many students usually supported by the school network no longer receive help. The end of this food aid means that there is a greater demand for the organizations we serve. The pandemic and the cost of living have also heightened the distress of some families.


Why choose Moisson Montréal:

  • More than 20,000 school-aged children are helped by food assistance;
  • Thanks to the leverage effect, each dollar received makes it possible to distribute $15 of food;
  • The objective of raising $60,000 will therefore make it possible to redistribute the equivalent of $900,000 in food;
  • Moisson Montréal is the largest food bank in Canada and serves more than 300 organizations ;
  • Giving to Moisson Montréal not only contributes to reducing food insecurity, but also fights waste, since most foodstuffs are recovered;


Because hunger doesn’t take vacation, give them a hunger-free summer



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