From April 1st to the 30th, three Moisson food banks join forces to combat hunger affecting babies and children up to 5 years old


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From April 1st to the 30th, three Moisson food banks join forces to combat hunger affecting babies and

children up to 5 years old

Élise Guilbault, Olivier Niquet and Marie-Ève Piché will raise their voices in support of the 7th edition of The Great Food Drive for Children

 Montreal, April 3, 2018 – This morning, Moisson Montréal, Moisson Rive-Sud and Moisson Estrie, launched the 7th edition of the annual Great Food Drive for Children campaign. Presented by Provigo and Maxi, the campaign aims to sensitize the public to the problems of food insecurity. 20,000 children up to 5 years old in Montreal, the South Shore and the Eastern Townships, experience this reality every day.  The three Moisson food banks have set $225,000 as their fundraising objective, enabling them to continue their mission of meeting the food needs of families who can no longer provide for their very young children.

 During the campaign, Marie-Ève Piché, the successful blogger and full-time modern mom known as Maman Caféine, and Olivier Niquet, the radio host of La soirée est (encore) jeune, will be joining Moisson Montréal spokeswoman Élise Guilbault in inviting the public to mobilize and to give generously to the campaign so that all children can get a healthy start in life.

 In the words of the Moisson Executive Directors:

 “Every year we see the same thing: donations of food targeting the specific needs of very young children are more and more rare, representing only 1% of redistributed foodstuffs. We developed The Great Food Drive for Children to meet this critical need. If food insecurity can have a serious impact on adults, it follows that the consequences to infants and young children will have a lasting impact throughout their development. We need to act so that this new generation will start its life on the right foot.” said Richard D. Daneau, Executive Director of Moisson Montréal.

 Dany Hétu, Executive Director of Moisson Rive-Sud, said: “ For new or future parents who find themselves in a precarious financial position, finding sufficient food to feed the family can be a huge source of stress. Healthy and sufficient food is crucial to the development of children. Without it, they can experience cognitive, neurological or motor delays. The Great Food Drive for Children allows us to collaborate with the organizations that we serve in order to support families in a comforting, reliable and stable way all year long.”

 “As a mother of two children, I know how much of a priority it is for young parents to be able to provide their children with healthy and balanced meals. By participating in The Great Food Drive for Children, Moisson Estrie wants to assure families in need in the Eastern Townships that they will have access to food resources so that their children will grow up healthy and that they as parents can feel secure in this knowledge. Through this campaign, we are feeding our future by supporting young families in the region.” highlights Geneviève Côté, Executive Director of Moisson Estrie.

 The donated foodstuffs will permit the Moisson food banks to continue their important mission and will enable them to offer this food to the community organizations that provide food assistance to future parents and to parents with young children.

 What to give?

Monetary donations     

Food and hygiene products donations (infant formula, baby food jars, enriched canned foods, instant cereals, diapers, wet-wipes etc. and any other similar non-perishable items)

 How to give?

  •  Online:
  • ·         By text message: Text 20222 BEBEMTL to give to Moisson Montréal, 20222 BEBEMRS to give to Moisson Rive-Sud, and 20222 BEBEESTRIE to give to Moisson Estrie. A $10 donation made to any one of the Moisson will feed 30 children in one day.
  • ·         In person: Until April 14, 2018 at participating Provigo and Maxi stores on the Island of Montreal, on the South Shore and in the Eastern Townships.
  • ·         By phone: Call (514) 344-4494 ext. 222


Campaign calendar:

 April 1st   Campaign launch

April 7th  Children’s Day at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

April 16th to 23rd              Rendezvous with a Chef online auction in collaboration with Jérôme Ferrer, Jean-Patrice Fournier, Eric Gonzalez, Anthony Joyce, Jean-François Méthot and Gita Seaton, during which participants can win a meal for themselves and their guests prepared by the chef of their choice at home or in the chef’s restaurant.

For auction details:


 About The Great Food Drive for Children 

First established in 2012 by Moisson Montréal, The Great Food Drive for Children is an annual food drive. The campaign is run by Moisson Montréal, in close collaboration with Moisson Rive-Sud and Moisson Estrie. The primary objective of the campaign is to sensitize the public to the serious consequences to the health and well being of the 20,000 young children on the Island of Montreal, the South Shore and the Eastern Townships, who don’t have enough to eat. 

 About Moisson Montréal

A charitable organization founded in 1984, Moisson Montréal is today the largest food bank in Canada. Through its centre for collecting, sorting and distributing emergency food assistance, the organization supplies nearly 1,200 tonnes of food per month to nearly 250 accredited community organizations on the Island of Montreal. In turn, these organizations provide food assistance to nearly 137,000 people, including 41,500 children. Moisson Montréal receives funding and supplies mainly through donations. Its operations require the collaboration of nearly 10,000 volunteers each year and, in 2016–2017, Moisson Montréal redistributed about 14.4 million kg of food, representing a total value of $80.3 million. Moisson Montréal was recently named among the “Top 10 Impact Charities of 2017” according to Charity Intelligence Canada, among all Canadian charities rated according to social impact per dollar donated. It has also won four awards for its Food Recovery Program in Supermarkets: the 2017 DUX prize in the Non-Profit Organizations Projects Category, the 2016 Mercuriades Sustainable Development award, the 2015 Novae award for Corporate Citizenship (Supply category), and the 2015 Élixir prize (Coup de Cœur category) from PMI-Montréal. For additional information:

About Moisson Rive-Sud

Founded in 1992, Moisson Rive-Sud is the main food bank in Monteregie, with its territory covering more than 70% of the population of the region.  Moisson Rive-Sud supports a network of 85 community organisations, collecting and distributing 4M kilos of fresh produce and non-perishable food annually, a market value estimated at $20M. Each month, Moisson Rive-Sud assists close to 17,000 people who turn to food banks to meet their basic needs, of which 35% are children between the ages of 0 and 17.

 About Moisson Estrie

 Moisson Estrie is dedicated to food waste reduction and the redistribution of foodstuffs to citizens experiencing a period of economical vulnerability,  either through direct support to 1800 persons a month or via 37 non-profit organizations. Since its founding in 1988, Moisson Estrie has also developed complementary services. Transformation of food reaching the end of freshness, and socio-professional reintegration gravitate around our support services, the struggle against food insecurity within the perspective of global and sustainable intervention.


For an interview or to speak with a campaign spokesperson:

 Meriam Azzouzi

Communications and Press Relations Coordinator

Moisson Montréal

514 344-4494 ext. 248

cell.: 514 701-4206


For an interview with the representative of Moisson Rive-Sud:

 Nancy Proulx

Coordinator, Communications and Marketing, Moisson Rive-Sud

450 641-1895 ext. 27


For an interview with the representative of Moisson Estrie:

 03Geneviève Côté, Executive Director

819 822-6025 ext. 41