United for our little ones: The Great Food Drive for Children and Children’s Day!

In collaboration with Uniprix, The Great Food Drive for Children, under the theme United for our little ones, took place from April 2 to 21. This event was a real success, as we surpassed our objectives and raised $291,485! The money raised will be used to purchase and distribute foodstuffs to community organizations that have programs designed for families with young children and moms-to be. Moisson Montreal had the privilege to count on two extraordinary spokespeople, Ève-Marie Lortie and Claudia Marques, who both supported the cause with passion and dedication that made a real difference! Following this campaign,Children’s Day took place on April 26th at Moisson Montreal. This festive event was hosted by Josée Boudreault, and had many activities for children, including make-up, games and an educative rally. It was also the occasion to announce the official results of The Great Food Drive for Children and to prepare bags for 0 to 5 year olds.