The “Valorisation Jeunesse” Program

Every summer, Moisson Montreal welcomes nearly a dozen young workers through the Valorisation Jeunesse program, a project run by “Intégration Jeunesse du Québec”. The goal of the project, aimed at young men and women aged 16 to 18, is to prepare them to the workplace. The program also encourages academic perseverance and promotes career exploration. This year, for a period of six weeks, Moisson Montreal welcomed seven participants for a first work experience. They worked as warehouse clerks and performed different tasks such as distribution, food sorting, housekeeping, also offering their help in our kitchen and on our delivery routes. “We were allowed to touch upon various tasks and therefore have a meaningful first work experience”, commented Sid Ahmed Boumedien of the 2013 cohort. In addition, these seven young people had the opportunity to take part in public events organized by or for Moisson Montreal such as the Feed the Future BBQ, Five Hole for Food, FoodRide and the food drive at La Ronde as well as De Petits pas contre la faim. As the end of the program approaches, we thank all the participants for their inspiring presence wish them good luck in their future endeavors.