The Moisson Montréal reality explained

To those of you wishing to better understand the reality of a large-scale, urban food bank such as Moisson Montréal, we recommend viewing the interview our Executive Director Dany Michaud gave to Les Francs-Tireurs last month. In this piece, Mr. Michaud tells co-host and journalist Patrick Lagacé the need for emergency food aid is, unfortunately, ever-growing and constant throughout the year. Each month, Moisson Montréal must collect enough food donations from various suppliers in order to help over 142 000 people. It also must raise the funds necessary to run the distribution operations on which our 200 partner community organizations depend. This alone requires relentless work from our team and volunteers, as well as the renewed support of our benefactors and friends.

This interview, like others, brings to light the essential role the media play in raising awareness on important issues such as hunger and poverty.