A Tale of Two Generous Brothers

This is the story of Charlemagne, 9, and David, almost 7. Two brothers who, for the past years, have said no to birthday party presents and have instead asked that donations be made to Moisson Montréal. The idea was suggested to them by their mom, who was inspired by the daughter of a friend who had already adopted this tradition. At each birthday they have collected between $ 200 and $ 250 to help fight hunger amongst children. Why this cause? Because “children need to eat to grow up and to be happy”, they told us.

This generosity, expressed and repeated year after year with the same conviction, is proof that you are never too young to make choices that reflect your true values and your compassion. We wholeheartedly thank you, Charlemagne and David, for your long-lasting support. Know that again this year, hundreds of children will find happiness in their dinner plate thanks to you.