Resignation of the Executive Director of Moisson Montréal

Montreal, March 31, 2022 — The President of the Board of Directors of Moisson Montréal, Pierre G. Brodeur, announced today the decision of its Executive Director, Richard D. Daneau, to retire in August 2022. Until his departure, he will continue to assume all his responsibilities and will be dedicated fully to his duties. The Board of Directors will be initiating the process of filling the position of Executive Director as soon as possible.

“Mr. Daneau has played a significant role as head of the organization over the past six years. In particular, he has skillfully managed the development of flagship projects that have, among other things, increased the supply of fruits and vegetables and promoted healthy eating habits. He has also helped accelerate Moisson Montréal’s quest for sustainability and has forged very close ties with the community organizations that are at the heart of our raison d’être, along with our valued donors and numerous partners. As we begin the process of finding the best person to succeed Richard, the Board of Directors wishes to affirm its desire that the upcoming transition be one of continuity and that it maximize the talent and expertise of all members of the current team,” said Brodeur.

Proud of his contribution to the success of Moisson Montréal, Daneau expressed his gratitude to the entire team, employees, volunteers, donors, and members of the Board of Directors who placed their trust in him and supported him throughout his mandate. “Together, collectively, it is possible to make a difference and we prove it every day by supplying organizations with the means to feed the most vulnerable. Moisson Montréal is a vast hub of social solidarity and my successor will have the privilege of leading an exceptional organization.”

Within the next few months the Board of Directors will undertake the process of identifying the person best placed to continue the work begun in recent years. It has retained the services of the consulting firm Altifica to assist it in this important exercise.

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