Moisson Montréal’s annual recognition event : an exceptional evening!

On November 25, at the Rialto Theatre, Moisson Montreal hosted friends and supporters to highlight their unprecedented commitment to Moisson Montreal’s mission. It was also an opportunity to present the 2013 Ambassadors who will now be part of the Ambassadors Club, a circle of people whose contribution is crucial to the growth of Moisson Montreal. Five categories and criteria were established to meet the different forms of commitment shown by individual benefactors to Moisson Montreal. Awards were given to exceptional donors in terms of time, money and foodstuffs. From the bottom of our hearts we thank Mr. Brossoit, Ms. Glenisson, Mr. Chenail, Mr. Lessard and the Savoie Family (Mr. Eddy Savoie, Ms. Carmelle Savoie, Mr. Eddy Junior Savoie, Ms. Nataly Savoie, Ms. Nadine-Coïne Savoie, Ms. Janet Savoie, Ms. Nancy Savoie)!

We also want to thank our partners who helped make the evening a successful one: Yannick Mitchell, photographer at Ferland Photo, the Milestones Trio, Formidée Ispo Facto Communications, FleurExperts and the Rialto Theatre. Thank you everyone!