Moisson Montréal distributed $29 Million worth of food since the beginning of the crisis

Moisson Montréal distributed $29 Million worth of food since the beginning of the crisis

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Montreal, July 7, 2020 – “Over the past three months, Moisson Montréal has distributed more than 29 million dollars’ worth of food, $8 million more than at the same time last year,” declared Richard D. Daneau, Executive Director of the organization.

Employees and volunteers have stepped up the pace of work to distribute 10% more food since June 1st. This increase is in addition to the 30% increase that has been in effect since April 6th. In total, in June 2020, the organization offered 40% more kilos of food than in June 2019 to its 250 accredited community agencies, to emergency centres for the homeless and to other Moissons (food banks) in Quebec.

Increase in Emergency Food Needs

File d'attente pour distribution de nourriture d'un organisme accréditéCommunity agencies picked up 1,344,000 kg of food from Moisson Montréal compared to 905,000 kg in June 2019. This represents a significant additional workload for them. “At the beginning of the lockdown, several neighborhood food insecurity organizations closed, but at the same time new groups were formed to deal with the food emergency generated by job losses. I wonder how we are going to provide necessary quantities when regular organizations resume their activities,” explains Rudi Svaldi, Executive Director of the Réseau d’entraide de Verdun (REV), a Moisson Montréal accredited agency. The REV was forced to double the quantities of food it collects from Moisson Montréal and had to add a second day of distribution to meet their new needs.

Moisson Montréal is committed to ensuring its continuing operations by providing an optimal quantity of food to community agencies that help people in vulnerable situations. “More than ever, we need the support of food donors and volunteers in order to pursue this immense social solidarity project, that really makes a difference for so many people in need”, explains Richard D. Daneau.

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About Moisson Montréal

Moisson Montréal is a registered charity founded in 1984 and the biggest food bank in Canada. The organization’s mission is to provide an optimal food supply for community agencies serving Montreal’s most vulnerable people while actively participating in the development of sustainable solutions to promote food security. In 2019, Moisson Montréal was named among the Top 10 Canadian Impact Charities for the third consecutive year by Charity Intelligence Canada. With each dollar donated, Moisson Montréal is able to distribute nearly $15 worth of food. Moisson Montréal redistributes 14,3 million kg of food per year, primarily to 253 community agencies on the Island of Montreal. These agencies, in turn, fulfill over 567,000 requests for food aid per month.


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