Moisson Montréal’s Christmas Harvest 2019








Montréal, December 7, 2019 – This year, Moisson Montréal has made about 20,000 holiday baskets for its accredited community organizations throughout the month of December which will be distributed to families across the city. One basket is worth more than $ 50, corresponding to a total of $ 1 million worth of food redistributed. Over the last two years, the number of baskets ordered by community organizations has increased by 20%.

We strive to fill the baskets with rare products that we do not regularly redistribute to our partner organizations. We aim to provide nourishing and satisfying foods for three meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a few little treats (chocolate and cookies).

Organizations eagerly await the moment for the holiday baskets every year. Often, the community agencies distribute them during a meal, and if they can, they add toys for the children. The moment the baskets are distributed to families in need, it becomes a party and is unlike any regular MM redistribution initiative.

You will find in the appendix the list of products contained in the baskets

About Moisson Montréal

Moisson Montréal is a registered charity founded in 1984 and the biggest food bank in Canada. Our mission is to provide an optimal food supply for community agencies serving Montreal’s most vulnerable people and to participate actively in the development of sustainable solutions to promote food security. Thanks to the generosity of its food donors and volunteers, Moisson Montréal is able to distribute over $15 worth of food for every dollar donated, an extraordinary multiplier effect. Moisson Montréal was named by Charity Intelligence Canada among the Top 10 Canadian Impact Charities for the last three years. Moisson Montréal distributes nearly 15 million kilos of food (valued at over $85,000,000) to the vast food aid network, including 253 community agencies on the Island of Montreal. These frontline organizations, in turn, fulfill over 567 000 requests for food assistance per month.

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