The Conserve Evening: a successful first edition

Montreal February 13, 2015 – Moisson Montreal was pleased to celebrate 30 years of solidarity with more than 600 Montrealers at the Corona Virgin Mobile Theatre yesterday with its Conserve event hosted by Anne-Marie Withenshaw.

This fundraiser brought together street art and street food to support people living with food insecurity. It was also devoted to draw attention to the achievements of Moisson Montreal over the last 30 years. The evening began with an intimate gourmet cocktail with nearly 300 guests followed by musical performances by David Giguère and Karim Ouellet.

“We are in the process of giving ourselves the status of a metropolis. In our discussions with the government of Quebec, it is clear that we will talk about economic and social development, and we will work together to ensure that all our children, all our families have what they need. Meanwhile, we still have to work accordingly, so now, let’s take a moment to proudly celebrate this wonderful solidarity” declared the Mayor of Montreal, Mr. Denis Coderre at the VIP cocktail.

The Executive Director of the organization, Mr. Dany Michaud thanked Anne-Marie Withenshaw for lending her voice to the cause. He also gave special thanks to the organizing committee, the artists, evenko, LNDMRK, SYRUS, GURU Indian bistro, Grumman 78′, Crémy, the Québec Street Food Association, Labatt and Provigo. Mr. Michaud highlighted the presence of the founder of Moisson Montreal: “I have been getting much praises since my appearance on the talk show Tout le monde en parle, and I really appreciate it. The emotion I had in my voice and the reason why I believe so much in what I do is because there is a great philanthropist who is at the origin of the founding of Moisson Montreal, all eyes should be on Mr. Pierre Legault. ”

Out of the 20 works on display last night, some are still available on  People can bid on them until February 20 at 23 h 59.

Moisson Montreal wishes to thank all those who participated in the evening. We will see you next year for the second edition.

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