Clean the World Canada choses Moisson Montréal as an official distributor of its soap recycled in Canada and receives the support of Governor Hotels and Recyc-Québec

MONTREAL, January 7th, 2016 – Clean the World, which recently expanded to Canada with the opening of an office on the island of Montreal, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Moisson Montréal to ensure optimal distribution of soap recycled from Canadian hotels. Thus, both organizations now will combine their strengths to improve the health of Canadians in need.

“Being well established in the Canadian food distribution system, Moisson Montréal is the perfect choice to share the soap across Canada. The Montreal food bank is a growing organization and well structured logistically. Donations will be delivered quickly and efficiently to organizations that request them, “said Pierre Daigneault, Executive Director of Clean the World Canada and Europe.

Since 2009, Clean the World distributed more than 30 million bars of soap in 100 countries by recycling 4,300 tons of discarded product. “Thanks to our collection and recycling process, we are able to create new soap and give it to people who do not have access to basic personal care products,” says Daigneault. According to him, this is only the beginning of a movement for the recovery of hygiene products, since there is a growing interest in the program as awareness of Clean the World extends in the hotel industry. “For Moisson Montréal, this is an opportunity to work with another NPO with a unique and original sustainable initiative similar to ours, said Julie Bourbonnière, director of communications and funding at Moisson Montréal. She added that soap is frequently requested by affiliates, but that the available supply is not enough to meet current needs.”

In Canada, the Clean the World program primarily benefits Canada’s mutual aid organizations such as food banks. Therefore, Clean the World partnered with Moisson Montréal, which will receive all processed soap and distribute it to multiple food banks. For now, the organization divides its Canadian presence as follows: 10 percent in Quebec, 10 percent in Ontario, 20 percent in Alberta and 60 percent in British Columbia. In 2015, Clean the World globally produced more than 4 million bars of soap. That is a significant increase in terms of personal hygiene products and waste reduction. Personal cleanliness greatly contributes to better overall health and improved childhood development, which is a focus of Moisson Montréal and Clean the World Canada.

The Governor chain becomes the first hotel group in Quebec to give its support to Clean The World recycling program. “We are proud to participate in this recycling program that demonstrates our commitment to our community and reduces our environmental footprint,” says Jacques Goupil, President of Gouverneur Hotel.

The CEO of Recyc-Québec, Mr. Dany Michaud, welcomes the creation of this partnership that combines commitment, creativity and desire to make a difference. “This program and redistribution of hygiene products is a humane and concrete action that helps to restore pride to those who need it most, while giving a second life to a highly recyclable product. This partnership demonstrates the range of possibilities that exist for businesses and various organizations seeking to make a difference and build, through innovative actions, the Québec of tomorrow. Recyc-Québec raises its hat! “

About Clean the World
Clean the World is a non-profit organization comitted to improving world health conditions and promoting sustainable development worldwide. Their program consists of collecting soap donated by more than 4,000 hotels and resorts across North America, recycling it through a rigorous cleaning process, and distributing it to those in need.

About Moisson Montréal
A non-profit organization founded in 1984, Moisson Montréal is today the largest food bank in Canada. Through its centre for collecting, sorting and distributing emergency food assistance, the organization allocates nearly 1,000 tons of food per month to close to 250 accredited community organizations on the Island of Montreal. In turn, these organizations provide food assistance to 146,000 people, including close to 34,000 children between the ages of 0 and 5. Moisson Montréal receives funding and supplies mainly through donations. Its operations require the collaboration of nearly 8,000 volunteers each year and result in the redistribution of about 13 million kilos of foodstuffs, representing a total value of close to $61 million. Moisson Montréal has won two awards for its Food Recovery Program in Supermarkets: the 2015 Corporate Citizenship (Supply category) award from Novae and the Élixir (Coup de Coeur category) prize from PMI. For additional information:

About Governor Hotels
Leader of the Quebec hotel industry, the Governor chain operates facilities in major centers in Quebec. The Governor Hotels are renowned for the warmth and friendliness of their welcome and their staff. For over fifty years the Governor Hotels welcomed over 30 million foreign travelers and Quebec among the most demanding. The chain has launched in recent years in a major modernization program to provide hotels tailored to consumer business and leisure needs in key economic centers in Quebec.

About Recyc-Québec
Recyc-Québec is a Crown corporation created in 1990 which aims to promote, develop and promote the reduction, reuse, recovery and recycling of containers, packaging, materials or products as well their valorization with a view to conserving resources.

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For more information or an interview, contact:

Pierre Daigneault
Executive director
Clean the World Canada
514 688-9236

Alexandra Carpentier
Coordinator, Communications
Moisson Montreal
514-344-4494 ext 239