Christmas at La Ronde will enable Moisson Montréal to provide food to 186 families for one month

Noel a La Ronde

Montreal, July 28th 2015 – Moisson Montréal is happy to share the results of its third annual food drive that took place July 23rd and 24th at La Ronde. This summer food drive allowed the organization to collect over $10,000 and close to 1,400 kg in food donations, a substantial quantity which will feed 186 families of four during one month. Thanks to this collaboration between Moisson Montréal and La Ronde, visitors who brought six food items received a 60% discount off the price of a regular one-day ticket.

“We wish to thank La Ronde for being a loyal partner in the fight against hunger in Montréal year after year. The 2015 food drive was fruitful for Moisson Montréal and will help feed hundreds of people. However, we unfortunately noticed a drop in the quantity of food donations that were collected compared to last year. An element that confirms to us that we must adapt our solicitation strategies so that we can be sure to maximize our goal during each event,” explains Dany Michaud, Executive Director of Moisson Montréal.

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About Moisson Montréal

A non-profit organization founded in 1984, Moisson Montréal is today the largest food bank in Canada. Through its centre for collecting, sorting and distributing emergency food assistance, the organization allocates nearly 800 tons of food per month to more than 240 accredited community organizations on the Island of Montreal. In turn, these organizations provide food assistance to 140,000 people, including 40,000 children between the ages of 0 and 5. Moisson Montréal receives funding and supplies mainly through donations. Its operations require the collaboration of nearly 8,000 volunteers each year and result in the redistribution of about 13 million kilos of foodstuffs, representing a total value of close to $61 million. Winner of the 2015 Novae Corporate Citizenship Prize in the Supply category for its Food Recovery Program with Supermarkets. For additional information:

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