Food Recovery Program in Supermarkets.

Food Recovery Program in Supermarkets
Financed by Fondation Marcelle et Jean Coutu

Moisson Montréal is proud to have put in place its Food Recovery Program in Supermarkets (FRPS), which allows us to redistribute foodstuffs that are still good for consumption, including the category of meat and substitutes, to participating organizations. This initiative provides access to a larger diversity of products to our accredited organizations without compromising the quality of the distributed goods in an effort to offer a healthy and diverse menu to consumers. To view the latest data on our Food Recovery Program in Supermarkets, click here.

Some highlights since the beginning of the program (october, 2013)

  • 113 supermarkets including IGA, Provigo, Maxi, Metro and Super C
  • 87 recipient organizations
  • Total foodstuffs recovered: more than 2 500 tons
  • Value of foodstuffs recovered: more than $24 million
  • Meals served per week: 58,728
  • Number of persons helped each month: 38,075

Media Coverage of the FRPS

Logo Fondation Marcelle et Jean CoutuMain Financial Partner: Fondation Marcelle et Jean Coutu
The Fondation Marcelle and Jean Coutu has become the main financial partner of the Food Recovery Program in Supermarkets with a $ 1.5 million donation until 2018. With this investment, the Fondation has donated more than $ 3 million to Moisson Montréal since 1991, a donation that will cover training costs, the purchase and maintenance of refrigerated trucks, the purchase of freezers, the construction of an analytical laboratory, the hiring of new drivers and much more.

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