Moisson Montréal.


Moisson Montréal is a registered charitable organisation. We gather food donations and basic products all year long, and distribute them free of charge to community organizations on the Island of Montreal. With your support, we have become the largest food bank in Canada distributing foodstuffs.


Moisson Montréal is a member of Food Banks Canada and Food Banks of Quebec. As members of these associations, we benefit from provincial and national agreements with agri-food suppliers regarding our supply.

As a charitable organization, we receive the majority of the food and basic products through donations. However, cash donations are vital to managing our food bank and the 11,000 m² warehouse where 20 million kilograms of food of all kinds pass through annually.

Considering the size of our facilities, we also assume the role of managing the redistribution of national and provincial donations which are assigned to the 19 other “Moisson” food banks in Quebec. From 2008 to 2011, Moisson Montreal was the pilot project of the first major renovation venture ever undertaken by the Coalition énergie et construction durable (CECD) for the account of an NPO. Thanks to the generosity and commitment of dozens of professionals and suppliers, Moisson Montreal now has facilities that are comfortable, well-appointed and optimal on the plan of energy efficiency.



In numbers, Moisson Montréal:


  • Serves 288 community organizations on a regular basis on the Island of Montreal;


  • 714 287 requests for food assistance per month**


  • 20,4 millions kilos of foodstuffs and other basic products worth close to; 117,6 millions $


  • Works closely with 361 agri-food businesses to effectively collect their donations;


  • Welcomes 3,422 volunteers that put in more than 64,039 hours to help us continue our mission.

*According to preliminary data from the HungerCount 2021


Every day, since 1984, Moisson Montréal is working toward ending food insecurity and for the access to a variety of nutritious and healthy foods.

Our mission

Assurer un approvisionnement alimentaire optimal aux organismes communautaires desservant les personnes en difficulté de l’île de Montréal tout en participant au développement de solutions durables pour favoriser la sécurité alimentaire.


Our vision

La sécurité alimentaire, de façon durable.


Our values


Respect for the people we help, for coworkers, volunteers and partners. Respect also for the environment in which we live and work

Integrity in all our actions we are committed to acting honestly and with transparency

Fairness in the decisions we make for the benefit of our partners, in the way we share the food we receive, and in the way we treat our colleagues and volunteers

Solidarity in helping each other freely and openly to fulfill Moisson Montréal’s mission

Personal commitment on a daily basis, we are united together in the fight against hunger. We serve our community partners for the benefit of all Montrealers struggling with hunger.


Our actions

  • Receive, sort, store and distribute perishable and non-perishable food itemss

  • Strengthen the solidarity chain, while listening and ensuring a presence with the accredited partner organizations

  • Provide a stimulating learning environment and develop incentives for participants in various programs of social integration and employment



Moisson Montréal serves 288 organizations across the Island of Montreal. 600,000 requests for food assistance are filled each month through our the organizations.


Moisson Montréal is supported by a network of 361 agri-food suppliers with the goal of collecting perishable and non-perishable foodstuffs. The foodstuffs collected are mainly obtained from the food product surplus of suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and farmers. Events and collection drives organized by companies also contribute to our supply.

By making agri-food suppliers aware of the need to participate in the fight against hunger, we are able to offer a variety of quality food to the organizations served.

In order to keep increasing the quantity, quality and diversity of food distributed, Moisson Montreal is continually looking to expand its operations. This is why, in 2013, we launched the Food Recovery in Supermarkets Program with grocery stores in the Montreal area.

A regular quality control process allows us to constantly improve the quality of foodstuffs distributed regarding hygiene and health regulations. From the beginning, we have known that offering food products without showing concern for people’s welfare is just not enough.

For that reason, we are providing food handling training to the organizations’ participants, in close collaboration with the Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec (MAPAQ)




Moisson Montréal team


Important dates



 Moisson Montréal distributed 40% more kilos of food to accredited agencies since the beginning of the health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic


Moisson Montréal was named a Top 10 Canadian Impact Charities by Charity Intelligence for the third year in a row


Moisson Montréal was named a Top 10 Canadian Impact Charities by Charity Intelligence for the second year in a row


Moisson Montréal was named a Top 10 Canadian Impact Charities by Charity Intelligence

Jérôme Ferrer is partnering to Moisson Montréal and launching its Boîte du Cœur for the benefit of needy montrealers.

Society for the Celebrations of Montréal’s 375th Anniversary partners with Moisson Montréal to help set up a processing plant

Moisson Montréal provides food aid each month through 241 partner organizations to over 137,000 people, of whom close to 45,000 are children


First edition of Hunger doesn’t take a holiday campaign, which aim to raise donations in order to help 17,000 children between 3 and 17.

146,230 people are helped monthly through our network of 254 organizations.


Moisson Montréal embarks on a pilot project, the Food Recovery Program in Superparkets (FRPS).

The FRPS enables the gathering of meat products from grocery stores, which are redistributed to partner organisations.


Moisson Montréal benefits from the first edition of The Great Food Drive for Children which aims at gathering non-perishable goods for 20,000 children ranging from 0-5 years old.

Inauguration of our new information system designed to manage food products in our warehouse.


Moisson Montréal with the help of Coalition Énergie and Construction Durable, undergoes renovations to meet the guidelines of sustainable development making it the first project of such nature in Quebec.

Moisson Montréal participates in the first edition of the Valorisation Jeunesse Program which enables high school graduates to have their first work experience.


The Good Food Good Box program, a partnering initiative of Moisson Montreal and aimed at offering fresh farm products at an affordable price, becomes a regional program.

Moisson Montréal now provides food aid to 110,000 people/month.


Major participation to the S.O.S Haiti relief program


First edition of the Alimenter le futur program in collaboration with Sodexo which allows Moisson Montréal to distribute daily more than a 1,000 lunch boxes to summer camps for children in need; 40,000 lunches are distributed through this program over the summer.

Moisson Montréal, Jeunesse au Soleil and the Saint-Vincent de Paul Society receive money and foodstuff from the first grande guignolée des médias.


More than 7 million pounds of foodstuff is distributed during the Ice Storm.

First edition of the Guignolée Pierre-Péladeau in collaboration with Quebecor inc.


Moisson Montréal moves to a bigger location onto Chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse, thanks to the financial support of the J.A. DeSève Foundation, the Marcelle et Jean Coutu Foundation and the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation.

100 000 people/month receive food aid through Moisson Montréal


As Moisson Montréal joins the four other Moissons, the Fédération des Moissons du Québec (now known as the Food Banks of Québec) is created.

120 partner organisations are served by Moisson Montréal


Moisson Montréal is founded by Pierre Legault, Frédéric Sawyer, Brian Martin and Peter Gantous and becomes the biggest food bank in Québec.

20 partner organisations are served by Moisson Montréal

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