A donation that has an impact in society!


Did you know that…

we distribute more than 20 million kilos of foodstuffs each year, most of which are donated to us? Thanks to our operating model, which is based on food recovery rather than purchases, as well as the immense generosity of our donors in terms of food and time, we have an extraordinary multiplier effect: each dollar donated makes it possible to redistribute more than $15 worth of food.


Monthly Donation

Did you know that one of the best ways to give to Moisson Montréal is to plan a monthly donation? This way of doing things is simple and allows you to spread your contributions over the year.

Why donate monthly?

  • You spread your support over the year
  • One annual tax receipt
  • You can interrupt your regular support at any time
  • You allow Moisson Montréal to have a stable and predictable source of income and to plan for the longer term
  • You will have the satisfaction of providing assistance throughout the year
  • You can choose to make your monthly donations by credit card or by direct debit from your bank account.


Planned Giving

Every day, for almost 40 years, Moisson Montréal works towards providing healthy and nutritious food access. Thanks to the immense generosity of donors like you, Moisson Montréal redistributes more than $15 worth of food for every dollar donated.

Join the movement. Feed the future.

  • Make your Will as tax-saving as possible for you and your loved ones.
  • With a gift in your Will, you can make the gift of a lifetime to Moisson Montréal that won’t impact your personal finances today.
  • Create a lasting impact on the lives of the people benefitting from the food Moisson Montréal provides to its accredited community organizations.

Want to know more? If you are interested in making a donation in your Will, or making any other type of meaningful planned gift, please contact Cora at (514) 344-4494 ext 237 or by e-mail at

If you’ve already committed to making a donation in your Will to Moisson Montréal, we sincerely thank you for feeding the needs of future generations. We’d love to honour your wishes to the best of our abilities and to properly acknowledge your gift.


Operate our huge 11,000 m2 warehouse

Supply 288 community organizations serving people in difficulty on the island of Montreal.

Help organizations develop programs that allow beneficiaries to get out of precariousness.

Contribute to meeting more than 714,000 food requests per month

Distribute $100 million in food annually

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