Feeding the Holiday Spirit

Once again, Moisson Montréal launches its annual “Feeding the Holiday Spirit” campaign, to run from November 6th until December 24th, 2017.

Moisson Montréal invites everyone to give generously during the Holiday season, typically its busiest time of year, whether through donations of cash or food, so that holiday baskets can be made and distributed to Montrealers in need.

In 2016, 278 businesses and individuals helped us amass 27,000 kg. of food, as well as the sum of $44,000 earmarked for the purchase of food products to fill holiday baskets. These donations helped the organization accumulate sufficient food to enable it to prepare 20,000 holiday baskets of 16 food items each, 6,800 emergency food bags, 10,000 snack bags, and 3,024 turkeys (donated by the Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation) to offer 35,000 traditional holiday meals, as well as to provide emergency food assistance to our beneficiary organizations during the Holiday period.



Campaign Activities:

  • Make a donation.
  • Organize a fundraiser or food drive in your business or organization.
  • Choose a “Recette en Pot” gift.
  • Dine in a restaurant participating in our Generous Gourmet initiative
  • Become a campaign partner.

For more information on the campaign, click here.

To make a monetary donation, click below:

Lend a hand

We would like to give particular thanks to Prével (Bassins du Havre),

CRE-O-PACK Packaging International Inc., RBC Credit Adjudication Centre, Allstate Social Fund, the Casino de Montréal and the Groupe Dicom Transport Canada for their support.


Hunger doesn’t take a holiday


From July 20th to August 20th, 2017 will be held the second edition of Hunger doesn’t take a holiday.

During the summer, many families can no longer receive food aid offered by programs that cease operations during the summer. In this period of the year, dedicated to rest and festivities, hunger takes no holidays. This year again, Moisson Montreal is launching a fund raising summer campaign to take action on an issue that is little known. Food banks accredited to Moisson Montreal are then stretched and reserves are emptying quickly. Hunger does not cease to exist during the summer and is unfortunately all too present during the holidays.

Here are some dates to remember during the campaign :

July 20th to August 20th: « Art plate»

Throughout the campaign, you will be able to make a donation online or by texting HOLIDAYS to 20222 ($10 donation).

Join us and participate in this solidarity movement by creating your own « Art Plate». Post the most creative smiley plate and act concretely against food insecurity in Montreal for the chance to win, each week, access passes to La Ronde!

Early August: Feeding Our Future picnic at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

As part of the Feeding Our Future program, in partnership with Sodexo Foundation and the Montreal Museum Fine Arts, children attending the participating day camps will be offered cultural activities at the museum and a lunch.

An exhibit and hands-on workshops will stimulate the children’s creativity and budding artistic talents.

August 19th and 20th: Campaign closure at La Ronde!

Join us at La Ronde where all visitors are invited to donate at least $15 or six non-perishable food items to get a day pass for $25, a 40% discount on the regular ticket price, from the opening to 6pm on August, 19th and 20th.

See you at La Ronde!

For more information , visit the Hunger doesn’t take a holiday website here.


The Great Food Drive for Children

GRPE_anglFrom April 1 to April 31, 2017, the 6th edition of the GFDC will take place.

Knowing that foodstuffs for children from 0 to 5 years old are very hard to come by and that needs are rising, Moisson Montréal and Moisson Rive-Sud will hold The Great Food Drive for Children again this year. This fundraising campaign aims to collect monetary donations to purchase, collect and distribute food to community organizations that have programs designed to help families with young children between 0 and 5 years old.

During the campaign, a multitude of activities will take place:

April 8th: Children’s Day
Children’s day is renewed this year. The private event will be held at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and will welcome families helped by community organizations that have programs designed to help families with young children between 0 and 5 years.

Many activities will take place:

– Four-handed workshop « A gap in the clouds »,

– Free entry offered by the museum to Chagall’s exhibition,

– A meal offered by Provigo and Maxi.

A the same time, a press conference will be held about the reality of the children from 0 to 5, suffering from food insecurity. Will be gathered media, local representatives, our campaign and Museum Fine Art’s spokespeople.

From April 17th to 22nd : Auction A Chef At Home! 
For the 6th anniversary of The Great Food Drive for Children, Moisson Montréal and Moisson Rive-Sud partnered with five Montreal chefs, who have each offered a dinner at home. The auction will take place entirely online and will be open to the public. The chefs will be up for auction on Monday, April 17th; which means that the public will have until 11:00pm on Saturday, April 22nd to make their bids. www.encan.granderecolte.com

To win: A dinner for up to 10 people prepared in your home by one of five celebrity chefs :

May 1st : Benefit dinner

This fundraising event will be held at the restaurant IMPASTO. The Chef Stefano Faita, will serve a delightful four-course meal.

This event is by invitation only.

Our campaign partners :


logo partenaire Épicerie Maxi GRPE 2017





If you wish to make a donation, click here


To make a donation by phone, contact : Rachelle Mboumba at 514 344-4494, ext 222

For more information regarding sponsorship and partners, contact Maggie Borowiec mborowiec@moissonmontreal.org

For more information regarding media, contact Émilie Lafond at Syrus Réputation:
elafond@syrusreputation.com, 514 935 2777 ext 212



Lend a hand

Our mission does not consist solely of collecting and distributing foodstuffs. In fact, we also carry out different types of food support projects. Various large-scale innovative projects are being developed to ensure better accessibility, quality and variety of food for the less fortunate population of Montreal.

Food Recovery Program in Supermarkets
In collaboration with the Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation

The Food Recovery Program in Supermarkets (FRPS) was created in October 2013. It is the first of its kind in Canada and offers a unique and sustainable solution to the problem of food insecurity and waste. Moisson Montréal has reached a province-wide agreement with the Metro, Super C, Provigo and Maxi grocery stores to recover of unsold foodstuffs, which will then be distributed to community organizations. Moisson Montréal will recover unsold foodstuffs that are still safe for consumption from supermarket partners.

There are five categories of foodstuffs recovered:

  1. Meat and meat substitutes
  2. Baked goods
  3. Varied products
  4. Frozen products
  5. Fruits and vegetables

Why create this program?
Moisson Montréal is constantly seeking innovative and sustainable solutions to the problem of food insecurity and waste. We thus seized on this opportunity to offer our accredited organizations better services and to reduce food waste, including the pollution related to waste management. In addition, FRPS also generates cost savings for our organizations and supermarkets. Meat represented less than 1% of the foodstuffs that we distributed; yet, it is the item most sought by our organizations. Meat is a very costly food item and thus, less available to individuals with lower incomes.

Logo Fondation Marcelle et Jean CoutuOur major partner: Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation
The Foundation has become a major partner of the Food Recovery Program in Supermarkets in 2016 by donating $1.5 million, which will finance the program through to 2018. With this donation, the Foundation, which has contributed more than $3 million to our organization since 1991, will cover costs associated with training personnel, purchasing and maintaining refrigerated vehicles, buying freezers, building a test laboratory, hiring new drivers and more.


To access the most recent data on our Food Recovery Program in Supermarkets, click here.


Feeding Our Future

Feeding our FutureIn spite of studies on delays in growth, of the increased risks of illness and of underachievement at school caused by hunger, there are still over 2 million children in Canada suffering from undernourishment. An estimated 5.5 million Canadians are at risk of famine and 40% of children rely on food banks in Canada.

To help alleviate this problem, Sodexo established the Feeding Our Future program. Funded by the Sodexo Foundation, Feeding Our Future donates the necessary food and labour to provide summer lunches to children who are given subsidised meals during the school year. Moisson Montréal is proud to participate in this program since 2001. We provide and deliver close to 39,000 lunches to  916 young children from 12 day camps supported by our accredited community organizations. Moisson Montréal wishes to thank d’Olymel, the program main sponsor.


Pool resources of community organizations for group purchases
RAOC member organizations served by Moisson Montréal benefit from a co-op structure for the purchase of foodstuffs to add to their supply. United as one, these organizations will see their purchasing power increase and will achieve significant savings.




Fight Hunger Day

Journee sur la lutte contre la faimOn October 8th 2015, we received hundreds of our partners at Centre St-Pierre à Montréal. Addressing the partner organizations of Moisson Montréal, this day  was created to encourage meetings and discussions between organizations having food security of citizens at heart.

This day of reflexion allowed participants to attend conferences, panels and workshops on various topics and issues relatind to food aid and food security in an urban context.

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