Hunger Count.

Hunger Count is an annual survey of food banks part of the Food Banks Canada (FBC) network that is conducted throughout the country in the month of March. The survey’s aim is to measure the use of food banks by community organizations all across Canada.

Every year, Moisson Montréal produces its own Hunger Count based on the data it collects from the community organizations it serves across the island of Montreal.

Highlights of the 2016 Hunger Count 

  • 254 community organizations across the island of Montreal benefited from our services on a regular basis (55 more organizations received ad hoc assistance);
  • 658,256 requests for food assistance per month, an 8.5% increase over 2015;
  • 137,387 individuals, including 45,000 children, receive food-aid on a monthly  basis through the vast Montreal food assistance network;
  • 14,2 million kilos of foodstuffs and other basic products representing a value of 81,5 million dollars were distributed;
  • We worked closely with 304 agrifood businesses and 113 supermarkets to effectively collect their donations;
  • 8,888 volunteers put in more than 85,700 hours to help us continue our mission, representing 47 full time employees.



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