To learn more about Moisson Montréal’s mission, evolution and efforts, we invite you to read the following annual reports.

2016-2017 Annual Report highlights:

  • 241 community organizations across the Island of Montreal benefited from our services on a regular basis (an additional 53 received occasional assistance);
  • According to the 2017 Hunger Count, close to 137,000 people received food aid each month through partner organizations, including 41,500 children;
  • More than 14.4 million kilos of foodstuffs and other essential items were distributed, representing a total value of $80.3 million;
  • Of 14.4 million kilos of foodstuffs, 1,239 tons of food, including 583 tons of meat, were recovered thanks to our Food Recovery Program with Supermarkets;
  • 304 agri-food businesses donated foodstuffs, including 106 supermarkets;
  • Nearly 10,869 volunteers put in more than 101,761 hours to help us deliver our mission; their crucial support represents the work of 47 full-time employees.


Read the complete Annual Report here.

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